Carrying a growing human inside of you is often as tiring as it sounds. And while movies and media might rejoice in the upside; the eating for two and glowing skin, sometimes the downside; the aches, pains, weight, bloat and all those glorious pregnancy side effects can just feel like too much for one person to cope with! 

Before you reach that time, give us a call: we know exactly what you’re going through, we’ve been there, and we want to help you enjoy your pregnancy and this special time as much as you can!



If you head to Google and type in, ‘what does it feel like to be heavily pregnant?’, you will get pages and pages of results that among the joys and power of knowing you are bringing another person into the world, describe everything from aches and pains, to severe headaches, nausea, tender breasts and some days, a lethargy like you’ve never experienced before!

And that’s before you even get to the severe impatience and ‘I want this out of me’ emotions that can take over on other days.

Pregnancy is different for everyone, and though it is incredible, for most women it does come with a list of symptoms that many would describe as less than comfortable!

When Sydney Sports Recovery first opened its doors, it was to primarily support athletes who were striving to achieve amazing feats with their bodies. But over the last decade, as our client group has widened, we have realised something: there are few feats bigger than carrying, delivering and caring for a child!


With this realisation came the motivation to draw on our expertise, and our owner’s experience having FIVE of her own children, to enhance our service and start working to make sure pregnant women receive the same support and therapy for their bodies as elite athletes.

This meant introducing assessment practices, establishing specialist treatments and most importantly, understanding the connection between the physical and emotional, so we can ensure when women leave our tables, they go back into the world feeling truly POWERFUL!

Our prenatal therapies are carefully designed to be 100% safe for mum and baby and focus on defining and alleviating your unique aches and pains, reducing anxiety and stress, improving your sleep, circulation and skin and targeting that swelling that can often sneak in around your ankles, neck and face.

If you have time, why not finish off with a cool water and a relax in our massage chair as you catch up on the latest movies!

We look forward to helping you relieve discomfort and truly enjoy your pregnancy.


“I’ve had five kids and I know  pregnancy can be both rewarding and challenging. 

Sometimes you need that little bit of extra support to feel more comfortable in your changing body and to reduce the aches and pains that come hand-in-hand with pregnancy. We developed our service based on the insights and needs of our clients combined with our own experience and expertise.” – Rach

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