this month's SPECIAL OFFERS

Each month, we introduce a range of special offers designed to support the well-being of different people in the community, from athletes to the elderly, pregnant women to exam-prepping teens. Keep your eye out for a special offer that will have you relaxing and recouping with the team at Sydney Sports Recovery. 


RnR room

In June, our owner, Rachael, launched the RnR room, with this message:

“My name is Rachael and I am a professional sports and remedial massage therapist at SSR, right across from the beach in Malabar. 

As a mum to five kids and a business owner, I know life can feel absolutely exhausting sometimes, both for your body and your mind.  In fact, so often, we are all so busy focusing on our daily tasks and to-do lists, we forget to focus on our own well-being. 

I want to personally invite you to join me, either individually or as a group, for one of my RnR sessions, during which you can take the time you need to breathe and focus on nothing else but YOU!

My sessions are for anyone; any age, body, gender, fitness level, so come along and treat yourself to 2 hours of RnR:

  •     Have a dip in the warm waters of our healing spa
  •     Leave toxins and impurities behind in our single sauna
  •     Let muscle tension melt away under my expert hands
  •     Enjoy our compression suits while you take in a movie

I look forward to meeting you! 


Why do we have special offers?

“At SSR, we believe in our service and in our skills, so our special offers will rarely be the type you see at other therapy centres that employ less experienced practitioners and discount the service of those staff. Our offers are all about enhancing your life; offering something really special and different that is designed to combine physical treatment with a sense of community and emotional well-being.” –  Rach

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