For centuries, people experiencing discomfort, looking to detox their bodies, or just hoping for some deep relaxation, have been stripping down to their under layers to enjoy the benefits of heat and steam. 

Hundreds of years later, though the technology and our knowledge of our bodies has improved, millions of people still swear by the mental and physical improvements they experience after spending time in a sauna. 

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There’s no denying, as humans, most of us feel better when we have the opportunity to spend some time outdoors with a warm breeze gently caressing our skin and helping us release all the anxiety, stress and worry we have been harbouring in our minds and our muscles!

But as life gets busier and we find less time to get outdoors in summer and spend more time in winter wistfully planning for our next opportunity to enjoy warmth, experiencing that relief can be difficult.

Saunas have been used for thousands of years, particularly in Nordic countries, to enable us to feel warmth on our skin and enjoy the benefits of sweating out toxins and worries!

Sydney Sports Recovery offers single infrared sauna sessions for everyone, from the athlete to the television connoisseur.

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Infrared heat therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum to warm up the body in a way that feels normal and natural, offering a range of health benefits and almost unparalleled relaxation.

Sweating is something we all do, it is designed to enable the body to cool down and it can also help remove toxins that may have us not feeling our best. Spending time in an infrared sauna can support detoxification and leave you feeling cleaner and healthier. 

The increased heat and relaxation can also be beneficial to sore muscles and bodies that are experiencing pain or discomfort due to sport, age or health complaints. The increase in core temperature and heart rate can help you burn calories, supporting weight loss goals. 

Beyond the physical benefits of infrared sauna, studies indicate regular, long-term sauna use can help decrease cortisol levels, which, when combined with the deep muscle relaxation produced by the gentle heat, can help reduce your anxiety and increase your feeling of well-being. 

Try our single sauna by making an appointment today. 

Leave pain, stress and kilos behind in our single sauna.

“Saunas are a regular part of the recovery and well-being regime of many of the athletes we treat and support — and they should be part of the routine of non-athletes too! 

There’s nothing like peeling off, leaning back and experiencing full relaxation as you feel your pain, niggles and worries seep out your pores and be left behind! Come in, try it out and see how much better your body and mind will feel!” – Rach

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