As women, we have the best and the worst of it when it comes to our bodies. 

We have the miraculous capacity to bring life into the world, to push ourselves to fitness extremes and we often out-do men when it comes to flexibility. But we also need to deal with injury recovery, post-birth trauma, monthly meltdowns and body image. And that’s before we schedule in our last few minutes to deal with our sense of well-being and ask ourselves, “am I really ok?”

So how about we tackle women’s well-being together? At SSR, we want to focus on your body, your mind, YOUR power, by offering a range of treatments and bringing women together to celebrate the magic that is us!


Women are different to men and that’s really something we should both celebrate and embrace as we look to ways to care more for ourselves and focus on our own well-being. We need to start telling ourselves ‘it is ok to take some time for me’ and ‘it is ok to invest in making myself feel my best!’

At SSR, we have a range of wonderful treatments designed to help support women of all ages manage aches or pains, deal with migraine, increase comfort during pregnancy and embrace the day-to-day of being the fairer sex!

And if you just want the chance to relax, breathe and take it easy, we have something for you, and your friends, too!


We get our hands stuck into your pain, tension or anxiety and work it out minute-by-minute until you feel reinvigorated, renewed and powerful!

Each month our bodies put us to the test. We can help with a range of symptoms from pain and anxiety to hormonal headache and migraines

Cupping can help relieve tension, stiffness and anxiety, and infrared sauna can help detoxify the body and support a state of deep relaxation

Being pregnant can be one of the most joyful experiences of our lives… and one of the most uncomfortable. Let us bring unique expertise to making your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Our special offers are designed to help you feel great!

This month’s special offer is all about helping women feel a sense of well-being and community! 

Join us for a women-only RnR Room session for two hours of spa, sauna, massage and movies. Enjoy it alone, join a group, or make your own group!

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