Effectively managing both acute and chronic pain is rarely the result of a ‘one-stop-shop’ remedy. It requires a holistic approach that may include a range of complementary treatments, from medication through to physical therapies.

Understanding your pain and how our treatments can lead or support your therapy is our number one priority. For us, managing your well-being starts with compassion and empathy, and continues with specialist treatments designed to improve your physical wellness and support a healthier, happier mental outlook. 

EFFECTIVE Pain Management

Pain can have an immense physical impact on us. What we often forget, is it can also have an intense mental and emotional influence, as we struggle to regain control of our bodies and in doing so, calm and comfort our minds.

Our range of physical therapies are designed to stand-alone, or to lead or complement other treatments you may be receiving for acute or chronic pain.

We take a holistic approach, chatting to you so we better understand what therapies you are trying and suggesting physical treatments that will enhance results and help you feel better, sooner.


We take a unique approach to massage, bringing both our expertise and our empathy to the table so we can get a better feel for what you need. Our sports massage therapies can help release muscle tension and reduce spasms, ensuring you experience relief from ongoing pain.


A good stretch in the morning when we wake up has an amazing influence on our well-being, breathing life into our day and our rested bodies and motivating us to get up and get going!

Taking stretching to a new level has an even more profound result, helping us manage pain and get the most out of our bodies.

Learn more about our assisted stretching therapies.


Cold Laser Therapy or Low Laser Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue in a way that may help accelerate the healing process, resulting in pain reduction and wound healing before and after surgery.


Our single Infrared Sauna is the perfect way to detox, rest tired muscles and experience deep-relaxation, all conducive with managing pain more effectively.


“Over the years, I have provided treatments for an endless stream of people who are experiencing acute or chronic pain for so many different reasons, some of them athletes, others not. The one thing I have learned is that my expertise in physical therapies can really help, but it’s often the time I take to understand their pain and design a personalised approach to treatment that makes the most difference.” – Rach

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