Over time, regardless of how much exercise you do or don’t take part in, your body will change. It happens to all of us, no exceptions.

And as your body changes in ways you can and can’t see, you might find yourself with a little more cellulite than you once had, or experiencing symptoms from migraine, fatigue or increased stiffness. 

Practised in more than 50 countries, Cupping Therapy has thousands of years of historic use. It can help with blood flow and the nervous system, supporting much-needed relief.


Our bodies can be such a contradiction. On the one hand, they are the source of all of our freedom, providing us the opportunity to see where we’re going, walk in that direction and enjoy everything that experience has to offer; the smells, the sounds, the feelings.

Unfortunately, our bodies can also let us down, and while sometimes this is in obvious ways, like aches, pains and illnesses, other times it’s just because we know we don’t feel as good as we should.

Cupping Therapy has been around for thousands of years and was used most notably by the Chinese to improve energy flow through the body, and stimulate stagnant blood that can cause a range of ailments.

Though adapted and evolved since then, and offered with a number of different application options, like wet, dry and fire, Cupping Therapy is still used extensively throughout the world in holistic healing practices.


As part of our assessment process, we will work out if Cupping Therapy can offer benefits to you. While we’re chatting, we will assess any back and neck pain, stiff muscles, symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, migraines and rheumatism, and evaluate any issues you might have with cellulite so we can explain the relief Cupping may offer.

When we start the therapy, it’s all relaxing for you!

We apply cups in a warm, clean and comfortable setting, using a safe, dry suction technique; no fire or water.

Cups will be suctioned onto your pain points, usually the back, and will remain in place for the time required to encourage blood flow and help to remove toxins and build up.

Everyone should have the chance to really feel better.

“Too few of us take the time to really invest in our own well-being. To do that requires a holistic approach. It means understanding all of our emotional and physical needs and catering to them. 

Cupping is a great part of this process, with so many of our clients telling us they feel cleansed and more energetic after treatment.” – Rach

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