Sometimes, we all just need a massage on our own… other times, surrounding ourselves with the chatter, laughter and stories from friends can help heal us almost as much as a good compression suit (almost!). So why not combine the two?

Our group rest and recovery bookings are all about bringing together a comprehensive RnR session with good friends, great snacks and a few hours of spas, saunas, massage and compression. Book your group session now!


Whether you belong to a sporting club, a knitting group, a book or movie circle, your team can benefit from our unique group Rest and Recovery sessions.

Designed to heal you inside and out, these sessions offer a brilliant bonding opportunity with your team, a chance to share great stories over the bubbles of the spa, or double over in laughter at the latest comedic releases.



To really enjoy an RnR session, we know you can’t be rushed, that’s why our group bookings all take place over three hours! During that time, we dedicate our entire boutique centre to your group, your comfort and your healing. 

Arrive just before your designated appointment time and wear your most comfortable clothes — the next few hours are all about treating your mind and your body. 

To get started, we’ll have a quick chat about the type of activity you do during the day, any pains and strains, and how you most want to spend your time in our specialist centre. 

If you’re an avid sportsperson or even if you just like a few gym sessions each week, you might lean more towards sports recovery, with deep tissue massage, compression and a spa. 

If you’ve had a tough week at home with the kids or in the office, or the latest episode of GOT has you all wound up, perhaps a calming sauna and some time watching movies in our state-of-the-art massage chairs is for you!

Over the course of two hours, as well as having access to entertainment and delicious nibblies, you can enjoy any combination of:

  • deep tissue massage conducted by our qualified and experienced experts
  • Compression Therapy in our cutting-edge body suits
  • Infrared sauna which relaxes the muscles and introduces a feeling of serenity
  • a calming spa, watching the bubbles jump in front of your favourite movie
Get your team, club or group together and book now for our RnR sessions. 

Add something special to your rest and recovery.

“University-qualified, I believe in the science of what I do. I believe in the healing my hands can deliver, because of my unique understanding of and expertise with injury and pain.

But something most of us also know, is laughter, friendship and bonding can be extraordinary healers too, for both the body and mind. We’ve combined the two for a truly unique rest and recovery group experience.” – Rach

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