INTRODUCING Cold Laser Therapy

A non-invasive way to treat pain not only sounds logical, but highly enticing, right? Well cue science, big goggles and a gun that shoots laser beams! On offer at Sydney Sports Recovery, Cold Laser Therapy is a safe and gentle way to  treat everything, from injuries like tennis elbow to sprains and strains, inflammation, aches, pains and wounds. 

Cold Laser Therapy

For many of us, the idea of treating our pain with therapies that are more painful, leaving us all twisted up, or taking a cocktail of different drugs, may not sound very appealing. In fact, it might sound a little like we’re making the situation worse and less bearable, rather than better.

At Sydney Sports Recovery, we are always looking for new therapies we can provide to our clients that will help you heal and feel better on the outside and the inside. We want to work through various options with you, collaboratively, so we can ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Cold Laser Therapy is used widely throughout the developed world by a range health professionals, from dentists to doctors. It offers the unique advantage of being non-invasive, and over time, may reduce your pain, help to heal wounds and importantly, accelerate your healing process.


Cold Laser Therapy uses low levels of light to help stimulate healing. The idea behind it is different wavelengths of light are directed into a target area of your body, and the tissue in that area absorbs the light, triggering damaged cells to respond and regenerate.
Wave lengths are lower for injuries that have occurred in tissue closer to the surface, and higher when we need to target deeper tissue.
Regardless of the depth of tissue, the process is fast and painless, and like, for example, hair removal laser, will require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.
Cold Laser Therapy is used extensively in sports treatment and also offers great benefits to those people who are not athletes but suffer from pain or are injured.
It can be used to help treat issues like back and neck pain and muscle strains, for inflammation caused by arthritis, pain from illnesses like fibromyalgia, and to treat wounds.

Combining Cold Laser Therapy with other treatments can also be highly beneficial, speeding up results and recovery.

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment, talk to us about Cold Laser Therapy.


Take a painless approach to treating pain!

“Cold Laser Therapy is just one of many options we have available at Sydney Sports Recovery for helping you manage pain and injuries. 

For so many of my clients, it is the perfect, non-invasive, painless treatment we can use to compliment other treatments they may be exploring, so we can have them feeling body-confident again, much faster.” – Rach

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