Whether you’ve hit the track, run after the kids or enjoyed a rousing game of Bingo today, there are few people who won’t benefit from Compression Therapy… and that’s not just because you can sit down and relax for an hour!

Compression Therapy is used widely in sports recovery to help reduce muscle tension and flush out toxins, but what most people don’t know is it’s also great for those of us who are less athletic, as it can promote healthy blood flow and reduce swelling.

Compression Therapy

If you pop into our centre at any time in the evening or over the weekend, it isn’t unusual to see big footballers stretched out in our massage chairs, wrapped up in what appears to be moon boots, leg floaties and blood pressure bands.

You might even see them joking around, laughing, munching on some popcorn and taking in a quick movie.

What is it they are doing?

They are enjoying recovery from their latest game or heavy training session, and you can too!


Not only tried and tested, but scientifically-backed, Compression Therapy is used by some of the most successful sporting teams in the world to provide a number of benefits to athletes.

Whether you play football, run marathons or revel in the beauty of nature with long, rugged hikes, Compression Therapy can help your muscles recover faster and can also improve your range of motion. Combined with other techniques, like icing, the therapy can also be used to treat injuries.

Outside of the sporting arena, regular travellers, the elderly, those struggling with spider veins or circulation issues — and basically anyone — can use Compression Therapy to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, improving overall wellness.

At Sydney Sport Recovery, your Compression Therapy is also an opportunity to unwind.

When you arrive, we will fit you with our compression boots and body suits, depending on your needs, and settle you in one of our comfortable massage chairs. Your suit will pulsate, providing intermittent compression to target areas within your body.

And what do you need to do while the suit works its magic? Absolutely nothing!

That’s why we have a great spot for you right in front of our TV area, where you can catch up on the latest movies and programs, while staying hydrated and relaxed!

Compression Therapy is for everyone, use our booking button above to make your appointment now.

Entertainment and therapy to get the blood pumping!

“I think Compression Therapy is a win-win for your body and your mind. On the physical side, your body can get some much-needed muscle recovery time, you can get rid of those nasty toxins that are slowing you down and you can improve circulation. On the mental side, you can just enjoy something few of us ever make time for — a chance to simply sit, catch your breath and enjoy the escapism of a good TV show!” – Rach

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