Expert treatment with a personal touch

Supporting a 'you' who is strong, confident in your body and ready to tackle anything, is at the heart of every service we provide at Sydney Sports Recovery.

Whether helping you manage an injury, or inviting you to enjoy some much-needed RnR, the team at SSR, led by experienced Sports and Remedial Therapist, Rachael Leek, combines expert knowledge with a genuine and warm approach, to deliver true well-being.

Our service is built on real experience and expertise.

What makes our service unique is our team. You will be treated by a professional who not only knows the best methods for healing your body, but also knows people, and is committed to developing genuine  relationships that lead to better care. 

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Our Feedback

Being 6'5 with a demanding, physical job, I'd been to other sports massage centres before and found little relief or understanding. Rachael knew what she was doing, helped me recover and strengthen my back and was so easy to chat with!
Greg Allen
Rachael is the perfect combination of professional and friendly, with absolutely amazing knowledge and the magic touch. My treatment wasn't just massage it was also great conversation and a good laugh!
Amanda McDonald
Training for Kokoda
Our RnR Room group session was unbelievable! We felt so relaxed and well-looked after, and really enjoyed being able to do it with friends.
Casual exerciser!

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